2019 Artist Resolutions and Challenges


It’s January 2019, which means many of us are thinking about New Year Resolutions. We asked our network of artists if they had any New Year Resolutions or Art Challenges that they were planning for the year, and here is what we learned. Maybe it’ll inspire some of you creatives to do something similar! In the end, have fun with it, and never stop making. :)


2019 Artist Resolutions and Challenges


At least 52 paintings in 2019 (1 painting per week)


1 digital art piece or illustration every day for 100 days straight


Honesty in the work I do. Not making things to try and sell, but simply making what come from my heart regardless of the outcome.


Got quite a few! Here's three: 1) to do one reeeally large painting (with the feeling of W I D E expanse) 2) to work on a collaborative art project with an artist I admire 3) to host regular studio visits throughout the year...


My goal is to double my production/performance of 2018, to really up my art game as a profession. Specifically this means: Participate in 8 shows, install 2 murals, do at least one art fair, and double my art generated income from 2018.


In 2019, I hope to continue to develop the ideas I’ve come to love in late 2018, let go of old pieces that no longer feel right, and try a bigger piece/triptych out of smaller ones. And keep my website more updated.


Yes ! I want to try gouache. Expand my skills in fluid acrylics and have my own studio space which is not my own garage


I hope to do more pencil portraits - and perhaps experiment with other mediums for portraits. I'll need live models, as drawing from photos is not as fun!


I’m actually about to finish my New Years resolution from 2018 soon- which was to work on something creative EVERY DAY and post it to Instagram each day! I missed only 2-3 days or so! My resolution for ✨2019✨is to create something every day again this coming year but to also post more behind-the-scenes and information on my artistic process. I’ve learned people aren’t just interested in my art but also the artist creating it!


I hope to paint at least 2 paintings and month a get over my shyness of letting other people see them.


My goal is to get my artwork out there more...to physical spaces and galleries. I’ve gotten more brave doing that on social media, but now I’m ready to go a step further


Paint more and enter the art fair next year.


Trying to post drawings daily and soon to be hanging a series of paintings at Herkimer's around Seattle!


I am working hard to write, illustrate and publish a children’s book as well as get an agent and set up a website to sell my art.


I like the once a week challenge :) as long as you don't force it, keep it fun and rewarding. Art for Life


1. Finish off a series of wood blocks I’m working on and edition them all. 2. Get to work on the social media side of things or pay someone else to do what I’m terrible at.


Oh yes lots of goals for this year but the two most important are 1. To collaborate with another jeweler to create a small collection of jewels 2. To create a collection with alternative materials.... 😊


Go bigger in 2019: see if I can maintain the intimacy and detail of my small drawings at a (much) larger scale.


Just started sharing my work. I hope for enough 'good' stuff for a small exhibit.


I'm working 84 hours/week until February so I can take two months off to focus on art. My goal is to finish ten paintings in two months (or enough for a show) and set up online sales so I can paint full time. I want to WORK work when I want to not because I have to


1) be more focused 2) be more willing to put myself out there 3) paint more 4) collaborate with fellow artists in seattle


60 new gallery pieces in 2019, 3 murals, one solo exhibition... and have a good time


Learning some digital art programs and how to make prints! Taking more time to explore and learn techniques rather than being “productive”


One exhibit and one contest at least!