Seattle Art Post is always looking to partner with local venues (i.e. cafes, businesses, boutiques) that are interested in hosting local art on a monthly rotational basis. We believe that opportunities for exposure for local artists are imperative to artists' growth as well as the beautification and enhanced culture in our community. Let us know if you're interested in getting involved, we're always looking to add to our roster! New to the game? No problem, we're happy to walk you through how to get started with hosting local art in your space. 

Are you an artist who would like to apply to be a part of our "Art in Shops" program? Are you an art enthusiast who's interested in purchasing art for your home or business, but don't know where to start? Drop us a line as we'd love to help you get started. 

We have had the pleasure of serving the following local businesses:


Caffe Torino

Coding Dojo

Miro Tea

Third Culture Coffee

His Word Found Here

Issaquah Coffee Co

Street Bean Roasters UD

Street Bean Roasters BT



"Seattle Art Post has given me the professional opportunity to showcase my artwork to the greater Seattle area. It is so easy and quick to work with them. Thank you for helping me exhibit my artwork and passion in places I would normally visit!"

Circle Elina.jpg

/  elina dmitruk - artist  /


"Seattle Art Post has been a fantastic organisation able to work with us with sometimes tight constraints to ensure we get appropriate art for our space. The organisation has been flexible and communicative and we've had fantastic artists!!"

Circle Sean Thomas.jpg

/  sean w. thomas - manager - his word found here, ballard  /


"Iā€™m so happy to be a part of Seattle Art Post! It is so wonderful to be connected with local shops that value art and creativity and want to showcase the artists that are part of their community. Working with them makes it so easy and efficient to connect. Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to seeing Seattle Art Post grow."

Circle Nikki.jpg

/  nikki frumkin - artist  /


"Seattle Art Post is so organized and connected with the local artists, we were able to contact and book artists for our shop with ease. We love being able to support emerging local artists and Seattle Art Post has curated some of the best in the area for us!"

Circle john.jpg

/  john hong - biz dev & Marketing manager -  third culture coffee, bellevue  /


"I had an amazing experience participating in "Art in Shops" excellently organized by Seattle Art Post. I'm happy to know my art was seen and appreciated. Thank you Seattle Art Post for being a great connecting link between artists and our community!"

/  Anait Semirdzhyan - artist  /